Alliance Initiatives

The Alliance has targeted three substances in particular for our community; marijuana, alcohol and prescription medications. Each substance impacts our community in unique ways. The Alliance utilizes best practice approaches to best address each substance.

For marijuana we are developing a parent communication campaign. Our media will seek to inform parents about the consequences of youth marijuana use, and encourage healthy family conversations. This strategy will help equip parents with further education about the drug and how they can discuss it with their children.


Prescription medications are found in nearly every home nationwide. The Alliance is creating an information campaign to get the word out in the community about safe medication practices. We want our community to secure their medications, monitor the number they have and dispose of expired or unused medicine in safe and environmentally healthy ways. Media will be distributed that identifies prescription medication drop boxes throughout the community, and provides tips for safe practices. The Alliance will also look to partner with local organizations for take back events.

There are youth alcohol prevention efforts in our community, so the Alliance decided to take a broader approach. We have created an alcohol policy committee that includes law enforcement and local government staff in our area. This local expertise allows the Alliance to have a better understanding of active enforcement and the legislative climate in our community. The Alliance has also secured professional alcohol enforcement training for law enforcement in our area.

The Alliance will use measurable objectives to track progress including 30-day youth use rates, perception of harm, peer and parent perception of approval.