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Local people solve local problems best.

In order to effectively impact the problem, communities need an in-depth understanding of what the problem is and what’s contributing to it on a local level. When the community is involved and invested in the process of addressing the issue, prevention efforts are more likely to be sustained into the future.

The strength of the Alliance is its members. Our dedicated membership comes from a comprehensive list of sectors serving our community. Our membership includes representation from business, civic groups, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, media, parents, faith organizations, schools, local government, substance abuse organizations, youth and youth serving organizations.

We work in the spirit of collaboration.



  • Ashima Agarwal
  • Ella Bochenski
  • Matt Cassity
  • Vasavi Chakka
  • Kelsey Dobson
  • Tim Erdman
  • Jordan Esser
  • Dan Hanners
  • Mike Hoffman
  • Karen Jarczyk
  • Dagmar Kauffman
  • Starlene Kelley
  • Christina Kotlarz
  • Melissa Kolkay
  • Dr. Louis Lee Jr.
  • Juan Leon
  • Jennifer Lezan
  • Cate Loughrige
  • Cathy Lozon
  • Imani Melendez
  • Ruben Munoz
  • Angie Nieto
  • Nicole Partacz
  • Doug Petit
  • Cathy Piehl
  • Matt Quinn
  • Ann Rabin
  • Marcy Reeb
  • Bob Ross
  • Elise Schram
  • Davod Seisser
  • Suchitra Sharma
  • Halle Sikes
  • Matt Summerfield
  • Sandy Stelmach
  • Dr. Benjamin White
  • Russ Wolf