Prevention of Underage Drinking

The greatest influence on a young person's decision to begin drinking is the world they live in. This includes their family, friends, schools, and community. Some young people are more involved with family, others turn to their friends first. Many youth turn to social groups, sports teams, clubs, faith-based groups or other like-minded youth. Culture also has an out sized influence on youth. The Internet, social media, music, and videos all play a significant role in most teens lives. All of these factors affect a young person’s decision marking regarding underage drinking.

These influences are also reasons the majority of students choose NOT to drink. In fact, 81% of District 203 and 204 area High School students chose to be alcohol-free within the past 30 days. The top reasons youth choose not to drink are:

  1. I want to be a positive role model.
  2. My brain is still developing.
  3. I don't need it to have fun. 
  4. I'm an athlete.
  5. I have big goals I want to achieve. 
  6. I care about my future.

Why do you choose not to drink ALCOHOL?