Secure - Monitor - Dispose

Healthy prescription medication practices help keep everyone safe!



Be thoughtful of where you keep your medications in your home. Keep medications in a secure location that is not easily accessible by unintended audiences. Store medications up, away and out of sight of children. 



Children are always observing the world around them. As parents we want to model safe and healthy practices for our children to learn from. This includes when and how we take medications. Use medications as they are prescribed, and only by the intended person.  Monitor the dosage and refills for medications in your home. 



Safe disposal of medications is important in keeping your home and the environment safe. Unused medications become expired, which can become dangerous for those in your home. Flushing or dumping medications is harmful to the water table and the environment. Please safely dispose of medications at one of the medications drop boxes listed below. Remember to remove pills from their containers. Sharps and liquids are not accepted at these locations.